Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up Between Trips

Some blogger I am! For all everyone knows, I could still be in Taiwan!  Well, if someone had told me I could stay in that Royal Suite for a couple of weeks, I guess I still would be.

Photo: Doreen Meyer
But no.  Came home, unpacked, did laundry and repacked for Philadelphia, where I attended the SAQA conference.  It was a chance to reconnect with the most amazing artist friends and to meet incredible new ones. [Update: just read a superb description on Jeanne Marklin's blog - another super artist I met at an earlier conference.]  I can't think of a better word than gobsmacked when I was at the opening of the Art Quilt Elements exhibition and they read out my name as an award winner.  The rest of the night is a blur of posing for photos, accepting congratulations, and - a first for me - signing autographs in the exhibition catalog.

Photo: Candice Phelan
I was humbled to be warmly greeted by Paula Chung whose gorgeous Japanese Anemone and other floral works I have so long admired.  Every conference I attend, I make the most wonderful friends and learn so much. This one was no exception, and my head is buzzing with knowledge gleaned from the speakers I heard and filled with inspiration from the stunning artwork we saw at the AQE show and at the galleries we visited during Fiber Philadelphia. I had a lovely dinner with the SAQA reps at the home of Cindy Friedman where I had a chance to see several of her gorgeous pieces up close and personal.  So imagine my surprise when I returned home to my most recent issue of Quilting Arts and lo and behold, Cindy's work is featured in the Spotlight section, and I got to know this lovely lady even better.

And as if all this excitement wasn't enough, I was waiting for my flight home when I received a Google Alert that my name was mentioned in an article in the Grand Junction Sentinel in Colorado.  I almost fell off my chair.

My Inbox was overflowing when I returned home, but two students emailed me that they had completed their cheesecloth portraits from a workshop I taught, and I was just thrilled.  Here are their results, based on a photograph by Chalmers Butterfield, and with their permission:

by Elizabeth Ostiguy
by Alice McKey

Now I am home, all unpacked, doing more laundry, and starting to pack again, this time for a trip to Tokyo, where I have already lined up visits with two premier Japanese quilters.  I will try to be a better blogger and keep everyone informed of my adventures. Sayonara, everyone!


  1. Mary, you are too humble. I clicked on the article in the Grand Junction Sentinel, and you ARE the article. Good for you, and your art!

  2. Good to catch up. You look pleased as punch. And you should be. Congrats.

  3. Your Beijing jacket looks darling, mom!
    Miss you tons - come back home already :)



  4. And don't forget our rendition of God Save the Queen @ SAQA Conference - was lovely meeting you and such a hoot - have already started making postcards for the next conference! Congratulations on your magic works.