Monday, June 17, 2013

Re-entering the Creative World - with Sept. 9th update!

Update:  "Looking Back" was sold to StudioNysha in Tennessee on the first day of the auction!  I am grateful to see this level of funding for SAQA but especially delighted to have my work in the collection of this generous supporter and very talented artist in his own right.
Hello, bloggees  (I am assuming that would be the corresponding reciprocal term to a "blog-ger"?)

I have been so busy doing that I had no time to sit and blog about any of it for the past few months. I will do a catch-up post next week on my adventures in April and May.  But today I received a lovely email from one of our regional SAQA co-reps, the wonderful Bethany Garner, who kindly drew my attention to the blog of a South Carolina SAQA member, Marilyn Wall.

Marilyn has published two posts about my work and the work of Deidre Scherer in Martha Sielman's book, Art Quilt Portfolio: People & Portraits.  Here is the first and here is the second. She asked some really interesting questions that were a terrific opportunity for me to contemplate my process and my intent with my artwork.  I hope you'll find the answers interesting!

I completed my SAQA Benefit Auction donation (see more entries in the slide show to the right), which I have called "Looking Back."  Maybe you'll be one of the bidders on September 9th!