Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

Nereids - 25 x 52 in. (Photo: R Pilon)
I leave in five days for Beijing/Taiwan so am doing all those last-minute errands necessary for a big trip.  In case you've been following my cheesecloth adventures, I did enter Nereids in the Taiwan Exhibition - the new owner (who has become a dear and cherished friend over the years) very generously allowed me to enter it, even though he will have the hassle of packing it up and shipping it back to me if my piece is accepted. (Thank you, Nysha!)

But I did not receive the anxiously-awaited copyright permission in time to enter my Inuit piece to TIQE.  So it is languishing on my worktable, half-finished and no time to work on it over the next few days. I cannot resist posting a little teaser detail of his face here too.  I am incorrigible!

This week will involve making a cheesecloth postcard to submit to Art Quilt Elements - if I get it done by Wednesday, you know I'll post it!  And I have to sew sleeves and labels on Memories of Gombe and Sizing Up so I can mail them off before I leave. (You can tell by my procrastination that these are details I only get to when I am absolutely forced.)

I just learned I have been selected as a Featured Member on the TAFA (Textile and Fiber Art) List!  Rachel Biel has done an amazing job setting up this beautiful site - hope you'll check it out:


  1. I admire his works, hope you feel good blog world, continued success. Hungary Marika

  2. Oooo.... I'm liking where the brown on white is going! At some point, I would love to see you do a post on the process. Do you sew it all down, glue it or what? Maybe when you work on your next one you could document it as you go.

    Thanks for plugging TAFA! It's great to have you there!