Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AQE Postcard

"Madeleine" - 6" x 4"
I did say I would post the photo of the 4" x 6" postcard I am donating to the "Hang with AQE 2012" Art Quilt Elements 10th Celebration. So here she is, moments before being popped into an envelope for mailing.

It was a much more daunting challenge to work in such a small scale than I imagined - the cheesecloth was much denser and tricky to manipulate than I would have thought.  But she's done and is one more thing to cross off the list.

Over the weekend, I cut the borders off of "Memories of Gombe" and faced her, resewing the sleeve and label. Found a great tutorial online  made by Jeri Riggs that made the job quite neat.  I got the quilt wrapped and boxed and mailed to Philadelphia.  And got my SAQA square packed and sent off as well.  I would like to finish one last quilt tomorrow and then pack my bags to be ready to leave Thursday morning.


  1. Whoa, Mary -- you're a Finishing Machine! ;-) I'm in awe of your skill in such a small space. "Madeleine" is remarkable. Her penetrating eyes and the set of her mouth...Wow!