Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday, March 13

Sorry for the delay in posting! In Beijing, there's free wi-fi everywhere, but Facebook, Youtube, and blogs are censored. So I could check email but couldn't post.
My photos are mostly on my DSLR but I did take my iPad to the top of Mutianyu where the Great Wall can be accessed by cable car which I thought was pretty scary ... until the kids talked me into riding the luge to the bottom. So here's a shot of being up top:

It was a beautiful, sunny day, but very chilly at the top, and when I have time I will post the incredible details of the rest of that day. It's a story in itself.
That is me, in the photo below, arriving at the bottom. I had to wear my rain cape just to stay warm. I am sure it was warmer in Ottawa!

Right now I'm in a Starbucks getting caffeinated after enjoying a traditional Taiwanese breakfast of Dan Bing, Radish Cake, hot soy milk, and various fried pastries at a street kiosk. Mmmmm. And as we are about to explore the city with our wonderful guide (my eldest son, Matt, who has been living here since August and who is becoming exceptionally fluent in Mandarin), I must be brief.

When we arrived in Taipei yesterday, my son had left instructions about where we were to have lunch while he finished up his class at the university. We had the most incredible beef broth with noodles and pickled mustard greens, and really yummy ribs. Here's what I would say is the best soup I ever had (photo courtesy Michael Pal):

That's it for today!
Your Canadian guide in Taiwan,
Posted from my iPad



  1. Sounds like a such fun, Mary! Enjoy!

  2. It takes a canadian to ride a luge in China! your friend in Brooklyn. So glad you are having a blast.

  3. Mary, there is a card reader you can get in any Apple Store, that you insert into the IPad. If you are anywhere near an Apple Store... Have an exciting trip!

  4. I'm sure your ride will provide us with interesting entertainment. Looking forward to hearing all your adventures. I'm sure Matt was thrilled when you all arrived.