Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monkeying Around in Ubud

No trip to Ubud would be complete without a visit to the Monkey Forest. I had read some alarming reports about the macaques there - that they were known to do some very wicked things: steal cameras and sunglasses, climb all over tourists looking for food, and even give a nasty bite. So I kept my

distance, but really enjoyed seeing them running about the grounds, climbing the trees, and enjoying the sanctuary immensely. So much better than a zoo,
though I suppose there are those who will criticize the fact that humans are

allowed in their home at all. The front gate was wide open, with ladies selling miniature bananas (an insane thing to buy if you value your fingers), and we wondered why the monkeys never tried to leave. But on our way out, we did see one fellow attempting a getaway ...

and that was when we say the one lone gameskeeper, armed with a slingshot. Aha. So THAT's why they stay inside. Not sure if the park is monitored all night long though ....
Did some fun shopping along the Monkey Forest Road, and then dined at a very cool restaurant call Bridges, overlooking a deep tropical ravine.
Today I spent the day at a batik workshop - for details and photos, please visit Viewpoints9.blogspot.com - and tomorrow is an art museum and batik shopping day. (sob!) My last full day in Bali!

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Location:Ubud, Bali

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