Friday, June 1, 2012

Leaving Sarajevo Is Hard To Do

Got our cab at 4am and headed to the airport. But as we pulled up at the entrance, the cabbie sighed and said something like "Pay." We wondered why he didn't drive in, till we saw a Security van blocking the entrance. We paid, got our luggage out of the cab and started to walk across the parking lot toward the airport but the guard stopped us. "Pay," he barked. Was this some sort of bribery situation? No, it became apparent the airport was closed! (I'll have to look up 'closed' in my Bosnian dictionary later.)

So we sat on the chilly pavement and waited for the airport to open at 5am. Austerity measures, we presume.

Now we are sitting in the Business Lounge (which is a room with a few sofas and a fridge) as we wait for our 6:30 flight to Zagreb (where I will post this if they have wifi). Travelling can be such an adventure. Who knew leaving Sarajevo would be so difficult?

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Location:Airport, Sarajevo, Bosnia

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