Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Equus at last

This month marks the end of my participation in a wonderful online challenge group, Viewpoints 9. It is with a heavy heart that I leave as the artists who are members are such talented and lovely folks. But I just reached a point where something had to be shifted off my lengthy task list to make room for the host of other things that require my time and attention.

The final challenge posed to the group was to make something from nature but to alter the colours entirely. I found a photo of a beautiful draft horse by Mararet Bednar online.

I had a field day playing with Neocolor water-soluble wax pastels on with an overlay of cheesecloth (of course) and did the stitching in variegated threads.

On the right is a detail shot so you can see the texture of the cheesecloth.

This week I am putting the finishing touches on a piece for the Radical Elements exhibition.  I was assigned Einsteinium from the Periodic Table of Elements.  Can you guess what approach I'm taking?  Next week I'll post some sneak peeks of parts of the piece, though the entire piece can't be revealed till the exhibition opens in Washington DC in 2014.

Here is the finished piece:
Equus - 24 x 18 inches


  1. Very cool, Mary! The cheesecloth gives great texture for the mane!

  2. It's a beauty, Mary! The group will miss you, but sometimes...a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do! All the best for what lies ahead!

  3. OMG Mary... excuse my excitement but this is a real horse lover's fantasy! And the absolute dream I had as a little girl growing up on a thoroughbred horse farm... A GIRLS Horse... magical, so mythical and truly beautifully executed! Only YOU could have dreamed and executed this!