Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I'm a terrible blogger.  I admit it.  But look on the bright side: if you're a subscriber, I'm not annoying you with constant updates filling your Inbox.  So that's better: yes, I'm a Thoughtful Blogger.

I've been asked by several friends to please say more about my trip to Taiwan, even though it was more than a month ago and seems a dream. I have to say this: it was the experience of a lifetime.  The entire time I was there, I was spoiled rotten - truly -  treated like royalty.  I tell you, it was a rude shock to return home and be expected to cook dinner, scrub sinks, and go to work.

The Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition, as many of you know, is organized by Hsin-Chen Lin, and I have never attended a better-organized event in my life.  She thought of everything, and as one of the guest artists, I returned home with a suitcase full of memorabilia: a stunning exhibition catalogue - glossy, full-colour, with artist essays and everything meticulously categorized; even a sheet of postage stamps designed for the TIQE. In the photo to the right you will also see some beautiful Taiwanese fabric they gave us.  Too pretty to cut into, I'm afraid.
My very first evening, we went out for an amazing sushi dinner and I was given these beautiful mugs - the handles, when touching one another, are the symbol for "double happiness" often used in weddings, so for me they now represent my connection to Taiwan and I smile every time I look at them in my kitchen.  Usually washing dishes.  I guess I will have to start using Joy detergent.  haha

I cannot begin to imagine the months/years of preparation for this exhibition, and everything went so smoothly.  The exhibition itself took up two floors in the cultural centre (you can see a photo if you look at my previous post). We guest artists each taught two workshops - mine were portraits and landscapes.  Look what a beautiful job my students did with their landscapes (a la Group of Seven).

Here are the wonderful staff (with Hsin-chen and my fabulous translator, Sherry, in the middle) who helped to make sure everything ran smoothly.  You couldn't ask for a sweeter bunch of people.  Helpful, friendly, always smiling.  I wanted to bring them all home with me. Aren't they cute?

And group shots? Oh yes, I have several dozen.  I am sure some will make their way into this blog in time as certain memories come back.  This particular one was taken the day of the seminar where we all gave powerpoint presentations.  From L to R: Yuan Shuan Jin (China), me (Canada), Patricia Gould (USA), Misik Kim (Korea) and Sue Dennis (Australia). What a wonderful bunch of women and the fact that they're so talented too is quite sensational.  It was so much fun touring Tainan with them and enjoying all the whole experience!


  1. The photos bring back many good memories Mary.

  2. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in Taiwan. (And I love the designation "thoughtful blogger"! :)